Tuesday, June 16, 2009


There are times when I think that we are seeing changes, that we are making progress, that we are able to shed a little light in the darkness. And then there are others times when I am knocked off balance by the depth of ignorance and darkness that still exists here. Yesterday was one of those days. Remember the young woman in Unilla (in the Zona Reina) that I wrote about 2 weeks ago? Juana, 5 months pregnant, had been sick for many weeks. Her husband had tried to care for her by taking her to the witchdoctors, following their instruction carefully until he finally had her walk, in her very weakened state, in the middle of the night, to their home village, where we are told she died. In her last hours, we are told, they tried to call us to take her to medical help but it was too late. I am grieved because she did not have to die, she had options...not that I have delusions about "our abilities". But a hand, an offer of help was extended and they refused it. And I am grieved because she died without knowing the hope of eternal life...without knowing the eternal God.

So we grieve for her, for her husband - who tried to care for her - in his way, and for her 3 young children who will grow up without their mother's love. And then we go on, continuing to pray that God will open up eyes, that His light will shine in this darkness. When Duane spoke with Rudolfo (the community leader of Unilla) yesterday, he invited us back to his village. So we will return at the end of this month. Would you pray with us for this family and for this village?