Saturday, June 27, 2015

Canilla, our little town here in Guatemala has the terrible honor of having the highest suicide rate among young people under the age of 21 in all of the country. It hit really close to home a couple of weeks ago when a 12 year old boy, right down the road from us, hung himself. There is a desperation here that is almost palpable. Many grow up in poor homes without fathers (95% of the fathers either are in the US or have been, working almost always illegally). There are not many choices for young people; no jobs, few career opportunities, etc.  Add all of that to the spiritual darkness which hovers here, and you get desperate kids willing to do anything to bring change....even death. 

Today, a group of young people will arrive from a church in Iowa whose entire goal is to pray. Tomorrow we will begin 72 hours of uninterrupted prayer for this valley, and for the church here but mainly for the young people. Our own prayer room (while the physical prayer room does not yet have a roof) has begun 3 times a week plus the nights of worship and prayer on Tuesday - in English, and on Thursdays - in Spanish. We know that prayer, while some count it as the smallest and weakest part of ministry, is actually the most important part. Unless our all powerful, all wise and perfect God intervenes, all that we do is futility....small acts of kindness which have no eternal benefit. Please join with us as we pray for these young people who need Jesus so desperately. Only He can fill the emptiness in their hearts. 

Psalm 62:5 "For God alone my soul waits in silence, for my hope is in Him."