Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chumisa is a small village at the top of the mountain where we have been working monthly, for about 3 years now. It is beautiful, cool, and always green. We worked for several months in an adobe hut with a dirt floor and beams so low that I (at 5'3") almost hit my head. It was quite a problem for those taller than I to work in! Later they moved us into a rented house that is dark and cold but at least we can work without hitting out heads. We carry all of our equipment and boxes of medications up each month and spend much of our day, scrambling through the boxes looking for just the right medication for each patient. So, when the community leaders approached us with a request to help them build a small clinic there, I was in whole-hearted agreement. We bought much of the block and cement needed for the project and they supplied the ground and all the man power. And they have worked very quickly - by this time next month we will be working in a new clinic - with light and power! I am pretty excited to be able to leave medications and some equipment there. And we are hoping to be able to work more frequently - at least every 2 weeks. We always see over 100 patients - which can be quite challenging when it is just Katie and I working!

There is alot of need in Chumisa. Each of our clinics is very different - and in this one we see so many diabetics. It is a challenge to teach people who eat 10 -15 tortillas at each meal to change their diets! Compliance is minimal because their understanding of the disease is limited. So much of our time goes into education. Almost all of the people are Mayan Catholic. Hearts are hardened toward the evangelical church and there are very few in the area. But we continue to pray and serve and love - trusting that God will do the work that only He can do in hearts.

God supplies seed to the planter. He supplies bread for food. God will also supply and increase the amount of your seed. He will increase the results of your good works. (2 Corinthians 9:10)