Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uniting the Body

For many years we have been a little confused by the stark differences that exist here in this country between those who live in the rural areas and those who live in Guatemala City. When we travel to the City, it is much like stepping back into the US. We can eat lunch at Applebee's and shop at PriceMart - just like Sam's. It has become even more disorienting when we travel from areas within the Zona Riena into the less than an hour (in the airplane.) It is like traveling to a different country. We have wondered if people who live in the City understand what life is like, within their own country, in the "campo". And in recent days we have observed how God is blessing the church there - not just financially but with the outpouring of His Spirit. We have wondered if there was a way to connect the two areas. Yesterday, we saw the Lord move in response to our prayers as a group of 27 Guatemaltecans made a 12 hour bus trip from the City to help here. They came bearing gifts of boots and clothing and food for their people. They came with doctors, dentists and Physical Therapists who worked alongside of us to serve over 225 people from this area. They came with hearts full of the love of Jesus to share with their own people. And we know that it is the Lord uniting believers to function as one body - different parts, in different areas - but each equally important to the health of the body of Christ. We pray that this will be the beginning of a enduring, fruitful connection.

I was in awe (and a little overwhelmed) as I watched how each one here, my own children, the Allison's, the Bontrager's and even Cali - our new friend and local Peace Corp worker -worked together to serve the 250 guests who visited yesterday. I can see how God has put people into our lives to help shoulder the responsibility that comes and continues to come more frequently each day. And in the midst of all the activity, we were so happy to see Heidi, Matt and baby Isaac arrive for a visit. Heidi immediately pitched in to see patients. It is so good to have them here for a few days - they have become a part of our family.

I need to get ready for clinic this morning in San Andres but I want to leave you with the prayer that Paul prayed. "May the God of patience and comfort grant you to be like-minded toward one another...that you may with one mind and one mouth glorify the...Father." (Romans 15:5) May He cause you to be united with other believers today, to honor and lift up the name of our Father!

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  1. Thanks for all your sacrifice. Nobody would understand how hard it is there without expierenceing it firsthand. We loved our visit there and look forward to coming back.

    Sincearly, The Warrens