Monday, May 31, 2010

I am sure that most of you have heard by now about tropical storm Agatha which poured down 10-15 inches of rain over about a 36 hours period of time this weekend. Once again, the country is in a state of crisis as over 152 people have died and many thousands are homeless. Mudslides have closed countless roads and many bridges have been destroyed. Here in our area, two families lost their homes but fortunately no one died. I was a little concerned about those up in Chiminisijuan who live in very poor housing on the side of mountains. When we went this morning we found the road completely closed with two large mudslides (so we walked) but life was as it always is there.

One of the many things that I love about the Guatemalan people is their acceptance of circumstances beyond their control. I have heard almost no one complain about delayed schedules or lack of supplies because of impassable roads. I will never forget one occasion up in Chiminisijuan when is was so cold and raining. The people walked to clinic in the rain and many were soaked to the bone, the children shivering with the cold, some without shoes or coats. I was whining about how cold I was to one man who told me very kindly, "but my sister, the rain is a blessing of God." I felt thoroughly rebuked! But I have remembered it. Life is so hard here and yet it is taken with gratitude. There is no insurance company to call to fix the leaky roof or replace the crops that have washed away. There are not even washing machines to wash all the muddy clothes. And yet life continues...without complaint.

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  1. Ohhh, that we may learn to be so accepting and grateful...I did complain for some that were washing clothes with mountain springs on the way to Chichicastenango, I told is so sad that they have to get along like this...Erv said the same words: "The rain is a blessing to this land"...Amen