Thursday, October 23, 2008

What We Do in Agriculture

As it is our desire for the people to be prosperous in this land, we have found agricultural work to be one way that we can help them provide for their families, and we continue to experiment with various types of crops to produce income and to provide a more balanced and nutritious diet. Almost every family has a small piece of ground that is their main source of supply for the corn that they will use to make their tortillas (the staple food in their diet); while everyone in this area use oxen and hoes to cultivate and plant, our equipment is able to till deeper into the soil, bringing up fresh nutrients each year, in half the time and cost to them.

We have also started raising Talapia as they are a good source of protein and multiply quickly. We unexpectedly found that the Guatemalans (especially the indigenous people) love fish, and we have been able to encourage them to use the fish as another source of variety and nutrients in their diet. We currently have a couple ponds and are still learning how to best manage them with the hopes of being able to encourage and help others in beginning their own ponds.

In the past couple years, we have also partnered with a few families beginning chicken projects. The families either raise them for meat or eggs, in the hopes of using this as a way to not only feed their families, but also to make some money.

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