Thursday, October 23, 2008

Duane and Leslie

Duane was raised in rural Illinois, and throughout his life he has worked as a carpenter, corporate pilot, and flight instuctor - all three of which were valuable training for his work down here in Guatemala. He is currently the head of the aviation department, the chief pilot, and is using his instructor's license and experience to train Aaron and Joseph. He is also the head of the construction department, both overseeing and personally involving himself in the maintenance and repairs needed. His farming background also allows him to reach out to the farmers in the area through various agricultural projects. Leslie has had experience in a variety of settings within the nursing profession, although the majority of her experience was in the NICU. She is the head of the medical department out of which we currently run three established weekly clinics and monthly weekend medical-evangelistic outreaches to remote areas in Quiche. She also keeps the house running, including heading up the home-schooling of her children.

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