Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grace and Abi

Grace, born in February of 2005, and Abi, born in November of 2005, are our adopted children. Although from different families, they quickly and easily became a part of our family and we cannot imagine life without them!

Grace’s mother was extremely sick when we met the family in a village near us. They came because Grace’s 7 year old sister was caring for her and Grace had been dropped several times. Grace was very malnourished and had really bad pneumonia. We took her in to make her well, and it was only by God’s grace that she lived (hence her name). Although her mother got better, her family felt they could not take care of her any longer and she has been with us ever since, officially becoming a Ficker in 2008. She is shy, although quite talkative, always watching out for everyone, and always ready to snuggle up with you and a good book.

Abi came to us only 3 hours after she was born. Her mother died during childbirth and no one knew who her father was, so her grandfather brought her here. After much prayer, we knew very strongly that we were to adopt her, a legal process that we are still working on. Abi is completely full of life, joy and energy and enjoys keeping us on our toes! However, she is also quick to laugh and, if you can get her to sit still for more than 5 seconds, also enjoys sitting down to read a good book.

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